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Partido Liberal
Partido Liberal

sa bagong
Partido Liberal.

Bago. Bukas. Liberal

Innocents killed. Rights violated. Lies peddled, while truth-tellers are gagged. Crooks back in power.

And now, a free press being silenced.

We are Liberals. Throughout our nation's history— at times when our freedoms were threatened, we have stood, sacrificed, bled. And in this current chapter of our history, we— this new generation of Liberals, from across all sectors of society, have taken an oath to rise to any challenge. To preserve our freedoms, and to fight for democracy.

We are Liberals. And if you are outraged, perhaps you are too.

The Liberal Party has committed to a new direction: Embracing inclusiveness as an imperative, and recruiting from across the land, beyond the usual practice of admitting only those who wish to run for office.

If you are at least 15 years old, a Filipino citizen, and subscribe to the party’s values, vision, and Constitution; if you are willing to engage fellow Liberals in building consensus on issues and positions, and commit to exhibit discipline in following fundamental party decisions; if you believe that a viable resistance requires that we come together and exert an organized, strategic effort— then we invite you to join us.

Sign up below. Stand for something. Stand Liberal.

Application for membership is open to all persons with the following qualifications:
  • Must be at least 15 years old
  • Believe in the Party Vision, Mission, and Platform of Government
  • Subscribe to the Constitution of the Party
  • Follow fundamental Party decisions and Party discipline

If you qualify and wish to join, please fill in your details below:

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Partido Liberal


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